Testimonials of Our Paralegal and Legal Document Services

Dear Suzette,


I cannot thank you enough for the assistance you provided in the matter of my trip to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. In these difficult times, Mercy Medical Airlift has to carefully qualify people requesting help in order to reach distant medical facilities for much needed health care. You responded to my inquiry so quickly, gave me an immediate appointment, and enabled me to receive the help I desperately need from Mercy Med. Your letter captured the essence of my situation, and you were extremely thorough with the financial statement. I so appreciate your care and concern. You treated me with respect and kindness - two things that make a great difference to someone who is chronically ill. Kudos to you, Suzette! A job well done! I will recommend your services to all of my family members and friends.


Cynthia L. Pelletier
Avondale, AZ

"I just want to inform all of you who need a paralegal to handle your Will or a Power of Attorney that you have found the right place to be.

My grandmother ended up very ill and in the hospital. Before I knew it, she had piles of bills and medical decisions that needed to be taken care of. Suzette was an angel in waiting just for us, she swiftly addressed our needs and took care of them in a matter of a week.

She didn't care where she needed to drive to assist us with the paper work, it was great and fast, it is a great help that she is a notary on top of her great services.

My grandmother also found that she needed to update her Will and Suzette did everything that Grandma wanted and put it all in one custom binder just for her. Now we all have peace of mind with our legal needs.

Thanks Suzette, you are the best!"

Leslie Campa
Phoenix, Arizona

"When Mom discovered some "wrongs" needed "righting" in her Trust, she immediately went to an attorney to get the job done. However, while the attorney did make some of the changes, he confused her, and didn't seem to have the insight to actually listen to her.

Frustrated, we heard that a paralegal could also do the job, and that is when we found Suzette via the internet.

Suzette was an absolute Godsend to us. She came to the house, listened to what it was that Mom actually wanted, and then went off to do the necessary paperwork.

That very afternoon, Mom fell and broke her hip. When she was discharged from the hospital, Suzette came to her bedside at the rehab center with all the paperwork ready to be signed. Mom immediately relaxed, and was so grateful that Suzette finished the job, and lifted a huge weight off her mind. Now she could concentrate on getting better.

We unequivocally, and without hesitation, highly recommend Suzette, and indeed already have done so numerous times. When dealing with such a sensitive issue as a Trust or Will, where a lot of the lingo is confusing, she is without a doubt one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate in the field. Thank you, Suzette!"

Dan and Thea
Apache Junction, AZ

"When we moved to Arizona from another state it was necessary to have our estate plan amended. After trying other sources, we finally found out about Suzette and were immediately impressed by her straight-forward approach to handling our legal matter.

Her Mission Statement says that she provides quality, affordable, legal document services in a timely and professional manner. We not only found this to be true in every way, but felt that Suzette exceeded our expectations in delivering these services while keeping our personal wishes in mind at every step.

We will not only use Suzette again should the need arise, but will refer her to anyone seeking a dependable and caring legal source."

Jim & Angela
Chandler, Arizona

"Suzette is highly recommended for legal services. Our previous attempt to have a family trust set up was left partially incomplete and official documents lost. Working with Suzette was a refreshing experience.

While preparing and processing paperwork in two Arizona counties, her exceptional legal knowledge and insight of city government offices made the completion process for our trust seem almost effortless on her part. She is easy to understand and her accuracy is greatly appreciated by two happy customers.

Thanks so much again!"

Charles and Karen Hunter
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have been in the financial industry for over 12 years. I know the importance, and the value, of working with someone who is professional that you can trust. Suzette Brown is that person.

I have sent all of my clients to her for the past 5 years and they have all thanked me for setting them up with Suzette. She is an expert in personal and business legal documentation.

I also love that Suzette is such a people person. When I send someone to her, I know that they are in great hands. Suzette takes into consideration not only her reputation is on the line, but mine as well because I referred her.

There is no one better, more professional, or more trustworthy then Suzette."

Christopher J. Flowers
Christians 4 Biz, LLC

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